Welcome to Lehigh Valley Fall FEST 2020

We are here to provide you and your family a fun and safe fall adventure. Join us!

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Discover Lehigh Valley's Fall Festival!

Valley Fruits & Veggies Corn Maze
Valley Fruits & Veggies Pumpkin Cafe!

This was a very family friendly, clean, and affordable place to visit. The strawberries were absolutely and delicious and plentiful to pick…

Gina Gullo

Great family activity! Delicious milkshakes!

Solymar Flores

A Pumpkin For Any Occasion!


For parties of 25 to 50+, we offer a farm birthday to remember! 100% outside and safe for all guests.

Exciting Events

From Wine Your Way Through The Maze to Community Non-Profit Days, we love giving you a GREAT reason to come visit Valley Fruits & Veggies.

Pricing & Group Rates

We LOVE groups! Schools, churches, marching bands, hiking clubs, colleges, and more…