Field Trips

At The Farm

Join us in our outdoor classroom!

October 2023

Field Trip At The Farm!

  • Conveniently located in Bethlehem
  • Standards-based curriculum
  • Time in Valleyville Play, full of exploration!
  • Nature walk through the corn maze
  • Field observations in our strawberry fields
  • Literature based outdoor lesson that includes plant growth, parts of the corn and pumpkin plant, and working on a farm
  • Every student takes home a small pumpkin


$9 per student
Teachers and aides are always free
$5 per parent/chaperone
$9 per sibling

Read The Pennsylvania Act 27 Agreement

AGREEMENT AND WARNING: I understand and acknowledge that, except for limited circumstances listed below, an agritourism activity provider is not liable for any injury to or death of a participant resulting from an agritourism activity. I understand that I have accepted all risk of injury, death, property damage and other loss that may result from an agritourism activity. I understand that an agritourism activity provider is not protected from liability if the provider: (1) Performs an act in a grossly negligent manner and causes injury or damages to a participant. (2) Purposefully causes a participant’s injury. (3) Acts or fails to act in a way that constitutes criminal conduct. (4) Recklessly fails to warn or guard against a dangerous condition that causes injury or damages to a participant. A dangerous condition is a condition that creates an imminent and substantial risk of injury or damages to a participant.

Field Trips at Valley Fruits & Veggies

At Valley Fruits and Veggies, we love supporting children and their learning. When visiting the farm as part of a scheduled field trip, students learn through active participation, sensory integration, play, and so much more.

The Valley Fruits and Veggies field trip difference is that we are NOT just a pumpkin patch, we are an outdoor classroom!

Meet ‘Mrs. C’ (Deb Colitas)

Deb “Mrs. C” Colitas

Holding a Masters in Education and a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate, Deb got to work on how to create a visit to the farm that allowed school groups to be engaged at all times.

Now in the 13th year at Valley Fruits And Veggies, your students will discover our ‘centers’ of learning and engagement:

  • Extensive Discovery Play Area (Valleyville Play)
  • Playing in GIANT Bins of Corn with Buckets, Shovels, and Trucks
  • Learning in our Corn Classroom, Experiencing Farm-based Literature at its best
  • Taking a Guided Nature Walk through a portion of the Corn Maze
  • Choosing a Pumpkin to take home
  • Having a Photo-Finish with Innumerable Photo Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a Field Trip & Cost

Please reach out to Deb through email or phone.

  • $9 per student
  • $5 per adult chaperone (non-teacher)
  • Teachers and classroom aids are always free

$150 field trip minimum is required.

Phone: 484-212-1417
Email: valleyfv@gmail.com

Pre-Kindergarten to 5th Grade

We can accommodate groups of 15 to 100 students at one time, chaperones are not required.

Beyond Valleyville Play: 6th to 12th Grade

We LOVE having older students join us for a more ‘mature’ time on a school field trip. We cater to your students’ needs from an intensive agriculture science lesson to losing middle school students in the maze!

Contact us to receive a personalized quote for your group.