Join the Team!

Strawberry Pickers

Picking strawberries is NOT rocket science, however it is manual labor. You need to be able to bend down and get up and down from the ground easily. Being able to lift 20 pounds is also important.

PAY: We pay by the amount you pick. 1 ‘shipper’ = $10. A good picker can pick up to 4 shippers an hour ($40/hr.) at the peak of the season. WE PAY SAME DAY

DAYS/HOURS: Picking may start as soon as late this week (week of May 17th). We need pickers every day between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm until around June 18th. You are able to come and pick for a few hours between your other job or stay for the day.

Retail, Food, & Customer Service Help

Unlike the Fall, strawberry season is every day from the first red berry to the last. We expect the first berry picking to be around May 26th and extend to June 19th ish! The work day is between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm. We will be flexible with adjustments for start times and end times as needed.

While the weekends are the busiest, EVERY day is berry day! Unless there is bad weather, or we need to give our fields a rest for a day, we are open. We need you for week days and weekends.

We can’t wait to feed you a strawberry milkshake, shortcake, and gyros! We will be in touch by Monday, May 16th with the first work schedule.